10CC - Don't Hang Up

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Hello there<br>How have you been<br>I've called a million times<br>But to me you're never in<br>I know I never had the style<br>Or dash of errol flynn<br>But I loved you<br>I'm doing really well<br>I'm as happy as a lark<br>I got a new apartment<br>It's as safe as central park<br>And if they ever mug me<br>When I'm walking in the dark<br>Will you know<br>Don't hang up<br>Don't hang up<br>Rolled up in my camera<br>With the big cheese up above<br>I stumbled from my stag night<br>To a never ending limousine<br>The band went la di da di da<br>And I got loady do di dodied<br>Lousy violins began to play<br>I went no no no<br>And as the vol-au-vents exploded<br>I was walking down the aisle the other way<br>Don't hang up<br>Don't hang up<br>Don't say, oooh<br>Nobody's safe in our house<br>Leave me alone<br>But a but a please<br>Leave me alone<br>Just a mo, a minute<br>I'm so alone<br>We had<br>Some honeymoon on itchy bedding<br>Scum buzzing round your busy body<br>Dumb waiters waiting sweating straining<br>All mass-debating my woman<br>We got a<br>Bum guatemala pensione<br>Crumbling about our ears, ole<br>Even the trash man he say<br>You got a dustbin romance<br>It's going down the drain<br>You got a low impedence<br>She's got a rocky terrain<br>Oo, you got a lot to learn<br>Oo, you got a lot to learn<br>You got a lot to learn about women<br>A lot to learn about women women<br>What's to learn about women<br>We've both got a lot to learn<br>Surprise surprise<br>There's a hell of a well in your eyes<br>Have we won the no nobel prize<br>Has the colour run out of our dies<br>Surprise surprise<br>There's a hell of a well in your eyes<br>When the barman said what're you drinking? <br>I said marriage on the rocks<br>I know I never had the style<br>Or dash of errol flynn<br>But I loved you<br>Don't hang up<br>Don't hang up<br>Don't say ......

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