GREEN DAY - All The Time Lyrics

All the timeEvertime I need itWhat's the time? I'd say the time is rightHere's to meLet's find another reasonDown the hatchAnd a bad attitude saludWasting time, wasting time down a bum fuck roadAnd I don't know where the hell it'll goHeirlooms and huffing fumes I'm picking up the paceAnd I'm gonna smash it straight into a wallAll the timeA 'new year's resolution'How soon that we forget loving every minuteLive it up on another let down saludPromises, promises, it was all set in stoneCross my heart and hope to dieSugar fix, dirty tricks and a trick questionGuess I should have read between the linesHaving the time of my lifeWatching the clock tickHaving the time of my lifeWatching the clock tickAll the timeWhere did all the time go? It's too late to say goodnightTime flies when you're having funTimes up when you work like a dog salud

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