FRANK ZAPPA - Titties Beer Lyrics

Frank zappa (lead guitar, vocals)Ray white (rhythm guitar, vocals)Eddie jobson (keyboards, violin, vocals)Patrick o'hearn (bass, vocals)Terry bozzio (drums, vocals)Ruth underwood (percussion, synthesizer)Don pardo (vocals)David samuels (vibes)Randy brecker (trumpet)Mike brecker (tenor saxophone, flute)Lou marini (alto saxophone, flute)Ronnie cuber (baritone saxophone, clarinet)Tom malone (trombone, trumpet, piccolo)John bergamo (percussion over-dub)Ed mann (percussion over-dub)Louanne neil (osmotic harp over-dub)It was the blackest nightThere was no moon in sightYou know the stars ain't shinin''cause the sky's too tightI heard the scarey windI seen some ugly treesThere was a werewolf honkin''long the side of meI'm mean 'n I'm bad, y'know I ain't no sissyGot a big-titty girly by the name of chrissyTalkin' about her 'n my bike 'n me...'n this ride up the mountain of mystery, mysteryI noticed even the cricketsWas actin' weird up hereAnd so I figured I mightJust drink a little beerI said, gimme summa that what yer suckin' on...But there was no reply'cause she was gone...Where's those titties that I like so well'n my goddamn beer!Is what I started to yell, then I heard this noiseLike a crunchin' twig, 'n up jumped the devil...he's about this big...He had a red suit onAn' a widow's peakAn' then a pointed tail'n like a sulphur reekYes, it was him awrightI sweared I knowed it wasHe had some human fleshStuck underneath his clawsYou know it looked to meLike it was titty skinI said, you sonofabitch!'cause I was mad at him,Well he just got out his floss'n started cleanin' his fangSo I shot him with my shooterSaid: bang bang bangThen the sucker just laughed 'n said, put it away...You know, I ate her all what youGonna say? You ate my chrissy? titties 'n all!Well, what about the beer then, boy? were the cansThis tall? Even her boots? would I lie to you? Shit, you musta been hungry! yes, this is true.Well don't they pay you good for theStuff that you do? Well, you know, I can't complain when the checks come through...Well I want my chrissy, 'n I want my beerSo you just barf it back up now, devil,Do you hear? Blow it out your ass, motorcycle man! I mean, I am the devil,Do you understand? just what will you give meFor yourTitties and beer? I suppose you noticed this littleContract here... yer goddam right, you son-of-a-whore,Don't call me thatThat's about the only reason...gimme that yer ass I'll sign...'cause I need a beer, 'n it's titty-squeezin' timeMan, you can't fool ain't that bad...I mean you shoulda seen some of the souls I had...Why there was milhous nixon 'n agnew, too...'n both of those suckers was worse 'n you...Well, let's make a deal if you think that's trueI mean, you're the devil, so whatcha gonna do? (improvised dialog)Wait a minute...a tinge of doubt crosses my mind...when you say...That you want to make a deal with me...That's very, very trueI'm only interested in two thingsYeah? See if you can guess what they areI would think...uh...let's see, maybe stravinsky...I'll give you two clues. let go of your pickleWhat? Let go of your pickle!I'm not holding my pickleWell, who's holding your pickle then? I don't know...she's out in the audience...Hey dale, would you like to come up here and holdMy pickle to satisfy this weird man out on the stage? I'm only interested in two things, and that'sTitties and beerYou know what I mean? What? Titties and beerTitties and beerTitties and beerTitties and beerTitties and beerTitties and beerTitties and beer!Titties and beer!I don't know if you're the right guy? Titties and beer!Titties and beer!No! don't sign it! give me time to think...I mean hold on a second boy, 'cause that's magic ink!And then the devil let go of his pickleAnd out come my girl, there was her tittiesFlop-floppin'...all around the worldShe said I got me three beers and a fistful of downsAnd I'm gonna get ripped, so fuck, you clowns!Then she gave us the finger, it was rigid and stiffThat's when the devil, he fartedAnd she went right over the cliff!The devil was mad, I took off to my padI swear I do declare, how did she get back there? I swear I do declare, how did she get back there? I swear I do declare, how did she get back there? I swear I do declare, how did she get back there? I swear I do declare, how did she get back there?

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