FRANK ZAPPA - Cosmik Debris Lyrics

Jim gordon (drums)John guerin (drums)Aynsley dunbar (drums)Ralph humphrey (drums)Jack bruce (bass)Erroneous (bass)Tom fowler (bass)Frank zappa (bass, lead vocals, guitar)George duke (keyboards, background vocals)Don sugar cane harris (violin)Jean-luc ponty (violin)Ruth underwood (percussion)Ian underwood (saxophone)Napoleon murphy brock (saxophone, background vocals)Sal marquez (trumpet)Bruce fowler (trombone)Ray collins (background vocals)Kerry mcnabb (background vocals)Susie glower (background vocals)Debbie (background vocals)Lynn (background vocals)Ruben ladron de guevara (background vocals)Robert camarena (background vocals)The mystery man came overAnd he said I'm outta sight!He said for a nominal service chargeI could reach nirvana tonightIf I was ready, willing and ableTo pay him his regular feeHe would drop all the rest ofHis pressing affairs and devoteHis attention to meBut I said look here brotherWho you jiving with that cosmik debris? Now who you jiving with that cosmik debris? Look here brother, don't waste your time on meThe mystery man got nervousAnd he fidget around a bitHe reached in the pocket of his mystery robeAnd he whipped out a shaving kitNow I thought it was a razorAnd a can of foaming gooBut he told me right then when the top popped openThere was nothin' his box won't doWith the oil of aphrodite, and the dust of the grand wazooHe said you might not believe this, little fellaBut it'll cure your asthma tooAnd I said look here brotherWho you jiving with that cosmik debris? Now what kind of a guru are you, anyway? Look here brother, don't waste your time on me(don't waste your time)I've got troubles of my own, I saidAnd you can't help me outSo, take your meditations and your preparationsAnd ram it up your snout!But I got the crystal ball, he saidAnd held it to the lighSo I snatched it, all away from himAnd I showed him how to do it rightI wrapped a newspaper 'round my headSo I looked like I was deepI said some mumbo-jumbo, thenI told him he was going to sleepI robbed his rings and pocketwatchAnd everything else I foundI had that sucker hypnotizedHe couldn't even make a soundI proceeded to tell him his future, thenAs long as he was hanging aroundI said the price of meat has just gone upAnd your old lady has just gone down!And I said look here brother-who youJiving with that cosmik debris? Now is that a real poncho or is that a sears poncho? Don't you know, you could make more money as a butcher? So, don't waste your time on meDon't waste it, don't waste your time on me(shanti)

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