FRANK ZAPPA - Crew Slut Lyrics

Frank zappa (lead guitar, vocals)Warren cucurullo (rhythm guitar, vocals)Denny walley (slide guitar, vocals)Ike willis (lead vocals)Peter wolf (keyboards)Tommy mars (keyboards)Arthur barrow (bass, vocals)Ed mann (percussion)Vinnie colaiuta (drums)Jeff (tenor saxophone)Marginal chagrin (baritone saxophone)Stumuk (bass saxophone)Dale bozzio (vocals)Al malkin (vocals)Craig steward (harmonica)Backstage at the local armory, mary, in her little white dress, is wiping the remnants of her performance off the side of her mouth as larry (the guy from the garage who quit the band in order tE an honest living) zips up the front of his stinking boiler suit and sings to the same teen-age girls who were stomping and clapping a little while ago, as they kneel with their little pink mouPen near the crew bus, hoping to save the price of admission by performing acts of hooverism on the jolly lads who set up the p.a. system.Larry:Hey hey hey all you girls in theseIndustrial townsI know you're prob'ly gettin' tiredOf all the local clownsThey never give you no respectThey never treat you niceSo perhaps you oughta tryA little friendly adviceAnd be a crew slutHey, you'll love itBe a crew slutIt's a way of lifeBe a crew slutSee the worldDon't make a fuss, just get on the busCrew slutAdd water makes it's own sauceBe a crew slutSo you don't forget, call before midnite toniteThe boys in the crewAre just waiting for youYou never to get move aroundYou never go nowhereI know yer prob'ly gettin' tiredOf all the guys out thereYou always wondered what it's likeTo go from place to placeSo, darlin', take a little rideOn the mixer's faceBe a crew slutJust follow the magic footprintsBe a crew slutHey, you'll love it!Be a crew slutIt's a way of lifeI ain't gonna squash itAnd you don't need to wash it!Crew slutHey, I'll buy you a pizzaCrew slutOf course I'll introduce you to warrenThe boys in the crewAre only waiting for youAt this point, the road crew, as all road crews must from time to time, borrow some of the big rock group's equipment and have a blues jam session, indicating to the kneeling maidens that they aDowed with a great deal of raw talent, as well as massive meat. obviously impressed with larry's ability to suck so hard on his harmonica that screeching little noises come out of it, mary kneelIn and reaches upward in gestures of supplication, listening intently as larry continues to sing...Larry:Well you been to alabama, girl,'n' georgia too'n' all the boys in the crewIs bein' good to youI know yer sayin' to yourself'this is the way to go''cause when you need a little extraThey will give you some mo'`cause you're the crew slutMary:Eh, hah ha, I'm into leather...Larry:That's good! a lot of the boys in the crew love leather...Mary:And rubber...Larry:Yeh, they like rubber too...shrink-tubingWith a hair dryer...Road crew chorus:Trade your spot on the benchFor a guy with a wrenchAnd be a...Mary:Ha ha ha...Larry:You like that, huh? I told you you'd love it...It's a way of life!Road crew chorus:The guys in the crewHave got a present for you!Ren nah naaahRen nah naaahRen nah naaahMary:A present for me? Road crew chorus:Ren nah naaahRen nah naaahRen nah naaahLarry:Hmmm, we got a present for you!Road crew chorus:Ren nah naaahRen nah naaahRen nah naaahMary:Whaddya got? Road crew chorus:Ren nah naaahMary:Whaddya gonna give me? Road crew chorus:Ren nah naaahRen nah naaahLarry:It looks just like a telefunken u-47You'll love it...Mary:With leather? Central scrutinizer:Eh errr, eh eh...this is,eh, the central scrutinizer again...And so mary was enticed away from joeBy an evil barbarian with a wrench in his pocketLured into a life of sleazeryWith the entire road crew of someFamous rock group(I don't know whether it was really toad-o or not...i don't know... I'll check it out)Again we seeMusicCausingBig trouble!

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