FRANK ZAPPA - Dirty Love Lyrics

Frank zappa (guitar, vocals)Ralph humphrey (drums)Sal marquez (trumpet, vocals)Tom fowler (bass)Bruce fowler (trombone)George duke (keyboards, synthesizer)Ruth underwood (marimba, vibes, percussion)Ian underwood (flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone)Jean-luc ponty (violin, baritone violin)Ricky lancelotti (vocals)Give meYour dirty loveLike you might surrenderTo some dragon in your dreamsGive meYour dirty loveLike a pink donationTo the dragon in your dreamsI don't need your sweet devotionI don't want your cheap emotionJust whip me up some dragon lotionFor your dirty loveGive meYour dirty loveLike some tacky little pamphletIn your daddy's bottom drawerGive meYour dirty loveI don't believe you have ever seenThat book beforeI don't need no consolationI don't want your reservationI only got one destinationAn' that's your dirty loveGive meYour dirty loveJust like your mamaMake her fuzzy poodle doGive meYour dirty loveThe way your mamaMake that nasty poodle chewI'll ignore your cheap aromaAnd your little-bo-peep diplomaI'll just put you in a comaWith some dirty loveThe poodle bites!(come on, frenchie)The poodle chews it!(snap it!)The poodle bites!(come on, frenchie)The poodle chews it!(snap it!)

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