The Game - Freak Show Lyrics

Ft. Ed Sheeran

(Hook: Ed Sheeran)
Well, she's a freak show, don't u think she knows?
She's got that street flow, I still want to hit it slow
She's got that heat on hold, bend the weed I smoke
Know she's a freak show, don't u think she knows?

(Verse: The Game)
I tell her, 'Ooh-ah, ooh-ah, ooh-ah, ooh-ah'
Said she twerkin' for tuition, gon' do that, do that to that 2Pac, 2Pac
Now she don't want to leave, I'm the one she want to be with
I told her, 'Go 'head, do that carousel on the dick'
She say her pussy sweet like caramel, oh, shit
Let me taste that, face where ur waist at
Bad boy in the pussy, I'm a bring Ma$e back
Horse and carriage, Diddy, what it take?
That movie on the 6S, know I got to tape that
Rich nigga shit, ri-rich nigga shit
Stop playin' with 'em lames, be a rich nigga bitch
Tom Ford denim, see the grip when I sit
That boy spit venom, make a nun turn tricks
No teeth, just tongue and some lips with the shit
Mustard on the beat, but it's some Ritz in this bitch

(Hook: Ed Sheeran)

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