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The 1975 - This Must Be My Dream Lyrics

I personify that unless I'm on the [phone?]
Speakin' like I'm bigger than my body
I personify that like a freedom in ur life
And I'm sure she'll be gone in a second

Let me tell u about this girl
I thought she rearranged my world
Takes a particular type of girl
To put my heart under arrest
So why is this feelin' on my chest?

(This must be my dream)
Wide awake before I found u
(This must be my dream)
I can't wait for u, boy
(Wake me from my dream)
You're like the sum I'll neva amount to
(This must be my dream)
We can make luv in the fire around me, baby

(Verse 2)
Pipe down now luva
This feelin' keeps ur body tune
While I thought it was luv
But I guess I must be dreamin'
'Bout feelin' somethin' instead of u




(Chorus x2)

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