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New Years Day - I'm About to Break You Lyrics

Rise and shine, children
Father speaking, the early bird catches the word
How does it feel to be exiled, abandoned?
I luckily know what's best for you
Let the dirt cleanse you
All the noise and sweaty stench
Awaken fever

I can't be to blame
For the reasons you're in pain
If you push and pull away
But in the moment when it's over
Don't hold on here's closure

I'll turn to something you won't like
Heartless tonight, you'll hate me in time
I'm warning you now this is it?

I try to stop u, u can't resist
I try to tell u but u insist
You bring out the devil inside of me
And I can't help that I made u weak
Just because I can, doesn't mean that I will
But I'm about to break u

(Verse 2)
I'm not the one u built up
I'm not the dreams in ur head
I will take what I want
And leave u tortured instead
Caught inside another trapped I've set
I look distressed
But I'm pretendin' to care



Hasn't always been this way
Been the prey but I escaped
Cross my heart and lick my scars
Play with me get ripped apart

(Chorus x2)

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