Pitbull - Bad Man Lyrics

Ft. Robin Thicke, Joe Perry, Travis Barker

(Intro: Pitbull)
Travis Barker, Joe Perry, Robin Thicke, and yours truly
This is history in the making, now say it with me

(Chorus x4)
Oh-ah-whoa-ah Oh-ah-whoa-ah Oh-ah-whoa-ah Say it with me!

(Verse: Pitbull)
They say he don't rap no more
They say, like LeBron, he don't got the heat no more
They say he ain't street no more
But like Jay Sayhouse, sick 'em, ma, wish 'em hell fo' sho!
But I'm cool with it, act a fool with it
Went to one of my own neighborhoods and built a school in it
It's crazy, babe, the way the 80s pay me
I thank God everyday that music save me
I thank my mom for all the vision she gave me
I thank Miami for the way it raised me

(Pre-Chorus: Robin Thicke)
I'm a bad man in an evil world (that's right)
And you're my type of goodie too-shoo girl (gimme sum', baby)
Maybe I'm a mad man in a woman's world (aha)
Come on over, gimme what I deserve (give it to me, baby)
Are you ready for love? Come and get it, girl!

(Chorus x4)

(Verse 2: Pitbull)
We built a million dollar business from an ounce
Not bad for a Cuban that came from the South
Mami, let's make like Tigo biddies and bounce
So we can make like a baby and hyeah!
I'm cool with it, act a fool with it
Been my own playboy, I got no rules in it
I like the girls that's freaky, wild, yeah, and crazy
I like the girls that dirty dance like Swayze
I like the girls that's hot fo' I'm Blazing
I like the girls that like the sex amazing


(Chorus x4)

(Guitar solo)

(Bridge: Pitbull)
I'm a badman!
I know how to move in a room full of wolves
Baby, I'm a bad man
I'm a good man, good guy, but don't get it confused
Said that I'm a bad man
And I still fight everyday
Like I got nun' to lose


(Chorus x4)

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