K.A.A.N - Circles Lyrics

(Prod. Blev)

I'm pacing inside of a room
I feel like everything has been falling apart
I put my heart and my soul in this shit
But I don't think that anyone notices it
I never sleep, I just don't have the time
I can't relax it, I gotta go get it
My mind has been planning an intricate part
And the monster that I have become
Boy, where you from?
Not where they cuff from the lung*
Not where they carry a gun
I'm from a place where these niggas procrastinate
Making excuse why the shit neva happen
Oh no, not me, I will not be distracted
Inside of a prison that I have created
From lack of an effort*, will not be your captive
I cannot submit it, nor quit, I admit it
The daughter was right, I would lie to be better*
Than what I incoronate, currency comes that seems so committed
I'm giving you everything that I got
It's a shot that I take, if I make it, 'cause slow is a process
My progress is all that I think about
I still remember when you niggas laughed
All I do is work and I don't see nobody else
So what the hell this competition?
I don't want no fucking help
You niggas say that you got it
But man, I seriously doubt it
We showin' lyrical prowess with the concept
I'm fairly animate, I play the masochist
Making the most of the time that I got
'Cause I'm young at the moment, I won't be forever
I need to focus and do the finesses
And affirmation, I repeat to myself
I pray to God that I keep it together
Can't sell my soul for no diamonds and gold
I'm as cold as they come, I do not need no friends
I can do this alone, I would not(?!) they said never
I got faith in the path that I chose, that's for sure*
I want the legacy, not being loyal
Misleading illusions are not for the boy
LAWD! Fuck.

Chasing in circles
Is something I'm wanting
I feel like I'm sprinting
Feel like I'm running
I'm going in circles
Said I'm going in circles
Yeah, we go round round round
Round round round

(Verse 2)
Whatchu know 'bout 48? Our benjies
Depriving myself for a chance to achieve
Hope this shit work, I don't have a plan B
And I fucked this bitch down*, man I need to proceed
And believe what I see* but I never concede
And I work at a speed never once ever seen
I'm a hypochondriac, I lack consolation
I do not relate to the shit that I hear
But I fear that I've traded you, here you my lame*
But I've knocked you right out of it
Criptical record, you think that I don't have a news and a tonk
And a place on your body
But before I mutilate, make sure I serrate
My incense is medic, my mood is depress and regress
And I have been suppressing emotions
I'm mostly aggressive, my price and my pen on the paper my target
Does anyone thinking they greater?
Can't nobody do it with this side
This muthafucka is mine! I shout it then I wonder now
Where I been and I'm finna get a hold of fuckers in this time
You listening to a sicker type of nigga
Definitive when I'm killing them
I'm a villain on the MIC
I need more YV's
Is you really a lyricist?*
Come another Bambi
I know when to envy, I swear that I'm not
You do not know what I've been through, but listen
I promise you'll never imagine, I'm asking for silence
At least for a second
I'm asking my pain in a way that's a proverb to God
I sacrifice that to the Lord
Man, I got faith in the path that I've gone down for sure
I want the legacy, not being loyal
Misleading illusions are not for the boy
LAWD! Fuck.


Thanks to Fuckboi Illiterate Spitta for correcting these lyrics

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