K.A.A.N - Focus Lyrics

Aye, oh, lawd
(Cashflow on the beat!)
Ah, lawd

[You can tell 'em I might get in my way
You can tell 'em I might get in my way, my way, okay] x4
[Focused, and I'm working on the craft
Doin' everything a young nigga got to (got to, got to)] x4

Look, my style too ill, no exaggerate
You can't get like this with procrastination*
I'm a slave for this crap, no master, baby
All I can think about is making records lately
I'mma workin' like I'm livin' on a mission
I'm efficient, but the vision wasn't given
So the niggas that was sitting on the sideline watchin'
They can see you strugglin'
Trippin' and fallin', but no one helps you out
Look, I know the feeling of being alone
I've come to tone with decisions I've made
But I pray everyday and I hope that I'm safe
If I send you this song, would you send me some positive energy?
Please, I am begging you for it
I'm forcing myself to feel something euphoric
Of course it's important, to point out the beauty in life
That I see like a minuscule _____(?)
The muse of the music that people have muted
Confuse it for ignorance, that is not me, tho'
I creep low and see more, but my lack of C notes is see through
Be set in the tone of my message
Negative? Y'all look is getting repetitive
I am aggressive, progression's my nemesis
My pessimism is totally* powerful
Wordsmith, I might play around with their vowels too


(Verse 2)
Neva let you muthafuckas defeat the kids
Speeding agreed this _____(?)
Till you agree with them
Neva see them again, I'm a seed in the ground
They ascend to the light with the lines that I write
And my rhymes got girth, like the furnace of the earth*
All I ever do is work, I'm asserting my worth
This is something I was taught since my birth
And you willing take nothing by sitting around
And to reseat* is best, and you hosting* for self
As an means to an end, so that one day you'll hustle
And when you'll see struggle, just like yourself
I can't justify why I do what I do
When I act how I act and just call for the truth*
If I told you my story, then you would pay* judgement
Disgusted by what you hearin' in that discussion
And I swear that I witnessed some sickness, cynical rituals
Pitiful pray that the pinnacle present some pieces
I preset my presence, a pretense apart
With no beef I am starving now
I barely started, they
e coughing my name in this game
I'll explain, but I gotta move fast
Get a point of view quicker, I'm a catastrophic nigga
Definitive when I kill it
Ain't no muthafucka that was giving you
Something this realer, but neva called it a feeling, goddamn!



* = uncertain words/verses
(when correcting, be sure to delete the asterisk if you're sure of the word you're replacing it with)

Thanks to jesus for correcting these lyrics

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