WIZ KHALIFA - Zoney Lyrics

Ft. Sebastian

Yeah itÂ’s real shit
Let me roll this weed up and wrap this shit, you know
Too much purple for me

Uh, comin' up I always thought IÂ’d be the runner up
Gave my all but it felt like it wasnÂ’t enough
I remember spendin' summers in the studio
My pops told me have fun be a kid for once
What he ainÂ’t know, was for a kid a that I had big dreams
I take a small frame turn it into a big screen
Takin' best friends turn them to a good team
IÂ’m watchin' Scarface livin' all the good scenes
Burnin' dope thinkin' about the days when I was broke
Desperate niggas in my city donÂ’t know how to cope
Young nigga said he starvin' he ainÂ’t got a meal
Down to catch a body all about a dollar bill
My niggas is all I got so itÂ’s more than trust
We ainÂ’t even have a car we was on the bus
Public transportation now itÂ’s underground we make it
Throw it in the safe I canÂ’t hear what they say

IÂ’m packin' up my bags
Packin' up my bags, packin' up my bags
I gotta catch a plane
Gotta catch a plane, gotta catch a plane
I canÂ’t be at home
CanÂ’t be at home, canÂ’t be at home
I gotta be away
Gotta be away, gotta be away

(Verse 2)
Theirs just way to many niggas i use to know back in the day
Now when i see them out
I just don't got shit to say to you niggas
When i see you in the club i make my way through you niggas
You must be mad i ain't wait on you
But no matter the circumstances I neva get hate on you
I'm just takin' all my dream tryna make it facts
Puttin' on for my team tryna make it crack
Gettin' all sorts of green tryna make a stack
Lose yourself in my city and neva make it back
Said he will but the chances are he will neva change
Daddy sold dope but you would probably do the same thing
If i get $30K i would probably spend it on my wrist
Fuck these politics when these kids ain't have a pot to piss
Fuck the Promises, the shit I'm on is common sense
If you ain't talkin' them I'm gone


(Outro: Wiz and Sebastian)
Say hello, my name is Sebastian
Hello, my name is Sebastian
Do ya luv yo daddy?
Say ya luv ya, daddy
I luv ya, daddy
Say i miss you daddy
I miss you daddy
Go to the mic and say 'yo'
Say whats cracking
Whats cracking
Say Taylor Gang
Taylor Gang
(ha) Say TGOD
(ha, ha, ha)
Say 'I luv my daddy'
I luv ya to handsome boy
Say Pittsburg
(ha, ha, ha)
Do daddy laugh
(ha, ha, ha)
You got it!

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