Rihanna - Pose Lyrics

Stay dope, cold ridge
Gettin’ dough, so rich
I smoke, yeah
And I ain’t neva liked a broke bitch
I ain’t neva fucked with a hoe, bitch
Quiet down, oh-oh-oh shit
So-oh-oh rich
Fired up, I so loaded
Ah, hoes, bitch

Take it off
Wanna see u, I got all my good hoes bitch
And the thing is that I know u know
Hoes bitch, and u bouncin' like I know u know
Bitch I know u know
Bitch I know u know
Stay luv
All my haters so-so bro, pipe down
All these niggas also broke
Hoes, bitch
Hoe-oh-oh shit
So loaded
Fired up I am so lit
I’ve, hoes bitch
Y'ass bitch, let me see u get it
Flaccid, I don’t let u with it
Take a photo

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