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TYGA - I Smile, I Cry Lyrics


Yeah, ugh
Started I was a zero
Just a fist full of tear
Just a pat and a pencil as I scribble down my fears
Screaming out I'm ready to die
That's a lie. I ain't going nowhere
Till all my niggas get a Benz
I'm sitting in the crib with the miraculous view
I face time my little man, you know daddy miss you
But I gotta rock this tour and get this mortgage
Smile for us mama, then you show supportive
So make sure I'm cleared, no distortion
I know we used to argue but you'll always be important
Don't cry for me
Looking out the window, flying over Miami
Art Basel prolly poppin' but I'm turning in my album
Get 'em need you when they ask
Who you got your style from ?
You niggas make me laugh till I cry
Scared to use your voice, all you have is your sight
A blogger's gonna blog, our baller's gonna ball
Charge it to the game and get it in the lane and take the charge
Send me two and ten
I guess you can't win 'em all
Told my niggas hold on like ya waiting on the car
And if you fall its my fault. She know I got ya

Ya know I got ya
Ya know I got ya
Ugh you know I got ya
I do it like I got to
Ugh ya know I got ya
Yeah ya know I got ya
Ya know I got ya
I do it like I got to

(Verse 2)
Ugh, pressure make diamonds
I feel pressure all the time
So I’m always at the jeweller getting fresher all the time
Tom Ford White Suede happy to see me shine
Got me crying on your shoulder, Rawwest Nigga Alive
Super stand up guy, tallest nigga alive
GQ part, Chateau Marmont
Saint Laurent suit I had to show my ma
Pull up in the phantom, cameras know my car
Now you looking like me, bitch stole my look
Never played by the book
You see the shows I book
Money ova bitches, you see the hoes I shook
It was long cold nights on the road I took
All the shit I kicked, I just soaked my foot
Don’t cry for me, hear my flow, you know I’m good
Ugh yeah you know I'm good
Cuz' a blogger’s gonna blog, a baller's gonna ball
Check my names in the hall, she my name on the wall
You see everything I do
Match everything I talk
I swear the summer's mine
And I never let you fall
And if you fall, it's my fall
You know I got you


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