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Chris Brown - Who's Gonna (Nobody) (Remix) Lyrics

Ft. Keith Sweat

(Intro: Keith Sweat)
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
Yeah, yeah, whoa

(Verse: both)
Baby I luv it when you break it , break it down like that (nasty)
Then I smack it and you bring it on back
My luv is getting ready (all down your body)
Come on, come and rock steady tonight
Baby, yeah, yeah, yeah
Doing it just the way that I like
Baby ur luv, your luv is good to me
(You quench my thirst babe, no) What you want, I got it
Come and get it (oh, oh)
I'm about to lay, to lay, to lay your body down
You can scream as loud as you want, ain't nobody 'round
But me and you, who can luv you like me baby?

(Chorus: both)
Tell me who gon' love u like me? Nobody
Who gon' touch u like me? Nobody baby
Who's gonna fuck u like Breezy? Nobody
Nobody yeah, say oh, u make me say oh

(Verse 2: Chris Brown)
Climb up on my mountain, oh 'til I reach ur valley
Damn ur walls they fit like a glove, till u rain on me, yeah
Sendin' us in slow grind, feels so good I make her mornin' cry
I'mma grab ur wait and pick that ass up and make u lose control

(Pre-Chorus: Chris Brown)
I'm takin' ur lace panties off u, grippin' ur thighs, oh no
It's gon' be the greatest sex u eva had in ur life

(Chorus: Chris Brown)

(Bridge: Chris Brown)
I'm the type of nigga fuck up ur life once I get in the pussy
Cuz I hang with them killers that really be shootin'
You don't answer my call, I'mma hop out them bushes
And I creep to ur window like 'Fuck is u doin'?'
I'm feeling like a stalker, girl u know I'm crazy, that pussy amazing
I dive in ur waters, let me get u till the morning
I say u be poppin' ur pussy, u tell me u innocent
I know when I see friends with benefits
You know my Cartier friends got limo tints
But I can see through the attitude and silly shit
Girl no don't do that no more, took her out the car, right on the hood
We was fuckin' like animals, yeah

(Chorus: Chris Brown)

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