Chrishan - High Lyrics

Ft. J Watts

Oh girl, you trippin'
Yeah, you gon' get it today
Soon as I'm in it then I'mma pull back and say
Just what it had to say, baybe
I turn around, I know you ain't runnin' away
Said you could take it and I got you naked
And I got you frontin', oh yeah
Hello, wait a minute
When you ridin' on top like a rollercoaster
When I pull yo hair, you call me papi
Like a real life cholla
And ya know I run the mob
Like a cosi no sita
No luv fo' the Op
We just count ends for the jack and coca
You know niggas that I came with are with me now
And anybody wanna end fair gon' be in the ground
I got luv fo' you, you got luv fo' me
Wanna stand the struggle in between the sheets
We don't fuss and fight like relationships
We just get high and dumb fuckin' shit

Oh, we get so high
Oh, we get so high
Oh, we get so high
Oh, we get so high

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