Chris Brown - The 80s Lyrics

When the sun goes down
Record reblown, the horizon comes to life
Blue electric eye
The feelin' that haunts me keeps me up at night

Do u know where do we go
When we're both stuck in the cold?
City lights, they wait in the dark

So if the feeling's nice, we'll neva say goodbye
We'll just replay the eighties, go to a place where we can hide
Only yo luv can save me
I'm lost in a world of yellow skies, yo paradise, paradise

(Verse 2)
When the rain falls down
Watch me clean, baptised up in yo luv , ayy
Many dreams are found
Pullin' me deeper, deeper to the light so



This is nostalgic
This is our journey so don't stop believin'
And u know that I got this
Constantly playin', oh, let me goin' back in time

(Chorus x2)

Back to the eighties, when music was ur life
We can have the greatest time
Back to the eighties, the perfect time
We're back in time

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