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Chris Brown - Picture Me Rollin Lyrics

Gettin' lifted, feelin' right
Double cup, dirty Sprite
Baddest bitch, u know she mine
But u know I don’t luv ‘em, and u know I don’t cuff ‘em, no

On the West side tryin' to feel the breeze
On a mission tryin' to fuck with OHB
She say she fell in luv with the G in me
And she luvin', she luvin'
You know I got the homies parked right outside
I’m in the blood red Lambo, yeah the what up 5
Got the killers and the bitches that be ready to ride
Cause they luvin', they luvin'

Picture me rolling 64 sittin' on track
Picture me rolling top down, switchin' lanes
Picture me rolling from VA to LA
Picture me rolling, picture me rolling, ah yeah

(Verse 2)
Rolled my weed up for the night, I'm tryin' to smoke, aw yeah
See them cops, u know we like too far, woah yeah
If u don't smoke girl, it's alright, and I ain't worred 'bout a damn thing
That's more for me so I don't mind, I don't mind, oh



(Bridge x4)
All night long, play it if this ur song


Whole bunch of money in the safe
I got a chopper outside for a rainy day
I dirty, dirty, yeah keep it on my waist
Call me the baker man, I'm makin' all the cake
I got a bitch with an attitude problem
I know she crazy but I know that pussy awesome
Top down, ridin' round, nigga who are u?
I got ups bitch, what can Brown do for u? Picture me rolling, ah yeah

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