Chris Brown - Proof Lyrics

Yeah, u know it's hard
Hard to trust me and hard to love me

You know what it's gon' take so stop playin' with ur boy
Stop actin' like I never made changes for ur sake
Why flippin' the script won't mean that she forte, cyeah
We got to fix this baby, aw yeah, aw yeah, aw yeah, been through some shit this year
You been workin' tryin' to up ur net worth, shawty
Doin' the leg work, shawty, 'fore u leave, give me sex first shawty
I got to get u wet first, shawty, naw naw

You got to luv me and baby we can call it a truce
You know I don't got shit to prove
This is somethin' u always do
You know I only give my love to u
Ain't got a God damn thing to prove, nah nah nah
You got my heart, this proof nah nah nah
How could u ever cut me loose? Nah nah nah
Here's ur proof, nah nah nah

(Verse 2)
Damn, girl u betta stop it
You told me tell them otha girls to stop callin' and I did
Always think I'm with anotha broad when you're not here
It's the truth, why would I lie to u? What are u doin'? Worry 'bout what I'm doin'
Say u got that proof, girl u blind to it, I'mma pour it baby
Had to let u know it baby, thought u knew it all
Chopped down, screw it up, guess I have to slow it up for u this time
Yeah always thinkin' 'bout u and I, don't ever question if I'm down for u and I
Cos' girl u know I'm down for ya
Whenever shit got deep, I woulda drowned for ya
Come be a queen, I got this crown for ya
I love all the way that I'm chuckin' downs for ya


Oh no no, bounce with it oh
I'll come out to Fruittown with it, 500
Her body callin' my name, oh
Say my name, say my name baby, oh


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