WIZ KHALIFA - Freak Dips Lyrics

Ft. Chevy Woods

(Intro: Wiz Khalifa)
Keep them ad-libs too (I will) hahaha
(Freaks, freaks, freaks, freaks)

(Hook: Wiz Khalifa)
I want some foreign bitches, freak dips
Foreign bitches, freak dips (x3)
Hey, I be on some G shit, on some G shit
I be on some G shit, on some G shit (x3)
Real niggas, bad bitches, all I be with

(Verse: Wiz Khalifa)
Walk up in the club, I see bitches everywhere
I got pussy on my mind, I got weed in the air
I got niggas want to hate, I got money on my line
Really don't got no problems, cuz I don't got the time
And I'm talking it cuz I'm living it
Girl yo ass fat, who ya in here with?
Really got dough, so I'm spending it
Niggas goin' broke, that's what the difference is
I got yo bitch in my ride
Just put a girl on a girl, cuz ain't no niggas in sight


(Verse 2: Chevy Woods)
Tell me that's yo foreign bitch, and how ya so in luv with her
I don't got no luv for her, so I don't put my trust in her
Police ass nigga need a badge, why ya cuffing her?
She just want to get on top of me like a comforter
All across the world, better keep me from yo girl
It's a lay up when we stay up, cuz she know a nigga trill, yeah
And she just hit my cell phone, yeah
Talking 'bout just come along, yeah


(Verse 3: both)
Ain't make it to the club tonight, but this feel like the club tonight
(Uh, shorty got a man, but she goin' to fuck tonight)
And hit it in the studio, and she told me, 'For sure ya right'
(Uh, we goin' to make a song, she goin' to fall in luv tonight)
She said she luv that gangsta shit, so she gon' fuck a thug tonight
(She be popping pills, she gon' take some drugs tonight)
Heart up on her sleeve, baby, don't ya fall in luv tonight
(Know me, I don't trust them, I just fuck 'em
I don't cuff 'em, then I'm gone)


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