Miley Cyrus - BB Talk Lyrics

Alright, so this is really fucked up, but
Alright, I was sleepin' next to him but I was dreamin' about the other dude
And then all of a sudden, everythin' that he fuckin' did just made me cringe and it was so hard to fall in but so easy just to fall back right out again
This whole time, I could give to u and I could paint u pictures but I guess I could just neva write a song and then maybe I'd neva fell out of luv with him in the first place
I mean, I, I don't wanna feel this feelin' cause my energy's just so strong that, I don't know if I'm creatin' this or this is actually what is meant to be
And u know that, they say that u gotta think what u want into existence
But u know, I haven't been too good at makin' decisions so, I have no idea what the fuck I want, I guess

You're givin' me a feelin' in my head
Layin' in my bed just thinkin'
Not really feelin' like the one I want
Takes everythin' in me not to call him
I really, really, really want it, too
I told all my friends I'm movin' on
Yo baby talk is creepin' me out
Fuck me so u stop baby talkin'

(Verse 2)
Ya know what, in the beginnin' it was like we were fuckin' homies and shit
And then all of a sudden u started with some fuckin' baby goo-goo tongue down my fuckin' throat
I mean, even in front of ur mom, dude, as if I'm not fuckin' awkward enough
I mean, u put me in these fuckin' situations where I look like a dumbass bitch and I'm not a fuckin' dumbass bitch
You know, like, I hate all that fuckin' PDA, I probably hate it more than ur fuckin' friends do
You know, it's sweet and u couldn't be more opposite of my last dickhead
But ya know I just, I don't know if I can get ova the fuckin' goo

(Chorus Variation)
Ya keep sayin' again and again
We're layin' in my bed just talkin'
And now I, now I can't hold it back
I'm feelin' like I'm gonna vomit
I don't really want to get ova u
I heard I change my mind way too often
Yo baby talk is creepin' me out
Fuck me so u stop baby talkin'

(Verse 3)
Alright, so, I'm gonna be honest
It's the super cutey shit, that's the main issue here
I mean, I'm fucking what?
Look, I like when u send me, u know, the, the queen emoji, but when I send back the monkey, u know, the ones with the, the hands ova the eyes? That means that shit's just getting a little too weird for me
I mean, I don't wanna say it person, I just bury my head in ur armpit which... weirdly smells good and ur hair and ur fucking teeth
Like, why the fuck would I wanna lick ur teeth but I do
And remember there was that one time that I had like a 15 minute...
Well, that was kind of the best thing in the entire world
You know, maybe I could just get past this shit and I could get used to someone giving a fuck
I'm sorry I called u a creep and that thing about the vomit
I mean, look, I'm really starting to be in this whole thing, but no matter what u do, homegirl can't handle the fucking goo

(Chorus Variation)
Fuck me so you'll stop baby talking
Fuck me so you'll stop baby talking
Fuck me so you'll stop baby talking
Luv me so you stop baby talking
I don't really wanna get ova u
I heard I change my mind way too often
Ur baby talk is creeping me out
Fuck me so you'll stop baby talking

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