Chris Brown - Start It Slow Lyrics

Think I met a bad girl out in LA
I fell in love with her on the first date
She got queen written all ova her face
When she got to go, I just tell her to stay, got a nigga sprung
The way ya move yo body, girl ya make me want to luv ya
She the only one after I hit it, I just want to cuddle
She call me daddy, she ain't neva had a father but I'm cool with her mother
She gon' have a baby when we fuckin', we ain't neva use a rubber

We gon' take our time and do it right, do it right
Take off yo panties, leave 'em right here
Girl, ya know that pussy belongs to me, ya know that body is gold to me
Make it last so start it off slow and I'mma speed it up

(Verse 2)
Sauvignon Blanc, we gon' drink the whole bottle
I'mma pop a molly cos' ya know it make me tear it up for hours
Pussy so wet, squirtin' on a nigga she done gave me a shower
Then I put it all in, all in and she get a lil louder, oh
Smackin' on the booty she done came 'bout three times
She got to go to work in the mornin', so tonight is our free time
And when she get her ass off of work, I'mma take her on a G-5
All around the world, that's my girl we the best when we hide


(Verse 3)
Want to spend the rest of my life with her
She my ride or die, hold it down for me, that's my nigga
Ya can get it all from me, I got a weddin' ring for ya baby
All I need is for ya to say one word and that's "Yes"
We go anywhere ya want to go
Makin' love in Italy all way to Monaco
Lookin' at the water when we pull up to the coast
And a candlelight dinner, celebrate and make a toast
Then it's to the bed, ya just tell me when to go
Doin' all that freaky shit that's for grown folks
Kissin' on that pussy, know ya need a lil more
All my heart and all my love


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