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Adele - Sweetest Devotion Lyrics

With ur lovin', there ain't nothin', yhat I can't adore
The way I'm runnin', with u, honey, is we can break every low
I find it funny that you're the only, 1 I neva looked for
There is somethin' in ur lovin', that tears down my walls

I wasn't ready then; I'm ready now
I'm headin' straight for u
You will only be eternally
The one that I belong to

The sweetest devotion
Hittin' me like an explosion
All of my life, I've been frozen
The sweetest devotion I've known

(Verse 2)
I'll foreva be whateva u want me to be
I'll go under and all over for ur clarity
When u wonder if I'm gonna lose my way home
Just remember, that come whateva, I'll be yours all alone



I've been lookin' for u, baby
In every face that I've eva known
And there is somethin' bout the way u luv me
That finally feels like home
You're my life, you're my darkness
You're the right kind of madness
And you're my hope, you're my despair
You're my scope for everythin', everywhere


Sweetest, it's the sweetest
Sweetest, it's the sweetest
Sweetest, it's the sweetest
Sweetest, it's the sweetest

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