Chris Brown - Jealous Lyrics

Actin' like a thot bitch
I know you think you hot shit
Saturday pullin' the Lamborghini to Toxic
Broke ass in somebody's section, you ain't got shit
You tryna flex on me, hoe, you gotta stop it
Yeah, that's why they reckin' booty poppin'
In the VIP the section full of options
I remember when we used to be in love
Now you Hollywood tryna get yo name up
Count a lil money, you startin' to change up
Listening to hers, tell me put yo game up
Used to be a freak, don't wanna see this danger
When I look at you, all I see is a stranger
No more love, ____(?) now it's raining on the 101
It's independent
You know I be rollin' with the killas and gangbangers
They be gettin' money, gon' get the middle finger

OSPB, been rollin' with the top down
Bringin' in diamonds, you can't even turn the lights down
This OG not a regular nigga lifestyle

She did it all to make me jealous
Make me jealous
I know you tellin' anotha lie to the otha thots
You doin' all this to make me jealous


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