Rick Ross - 2 Shots Lyrics

(Hook: Kevin Cossom)
Baby we can get lifted any time of day
(Cuz the drugs baby)
Cuz the drugs get me feelin' some kinda way (oh yeah)
Oh hell, here we go again, we did this last night
Two shots, pour Belaire or the Blue Dot
Two bad bitches blowin' smoke on my rooftop, yeah
Damn u just completely reminded me (reminded me)
When you're leavin' they feelin' some kinda way
Oh hell, here we go again, I'm just tryin' to stay alive
Two shots, floor niggas shootin' through ur rooftop
Who got popped, young nigga tone two Glocks, yeah

I just wanna hold ur hand, sip me some Champagne, love, that's it, u heard?

(Verse: Rick Ross)
Suckers for love, yes, I've heard it before
Show them my hustle which is such an incredible source
Stumble through the boutiques, always watchin' my step
Credit Cards in my name, she swipe them, then sign them herself
Trust is a must, neva lettin' me down
Got her selfies with Beyonce, this is Destiny Child
Won't answer my calls after I gave u my all
Before I shed a tear, I thought I'd just write u a song
Rewrite all my wrongs, or recite u a poem
Knowin' you're leavin' but the question is, 'Where are u goin'?'


(Verse 2: Rick Ross)
Shawty was a dancer, hustle was her answer
Get in where I fit in, mid-town Atlanta
Bags & boots, baby girl wanted those big things
Parkin' lot in magic City, since she was sixteen
Don't let them stop u baby, he can't knock u, baby
When u winnin' is when they wanna say she not a lady
Hold ur bag in the sky, all those bitches respect it
Now run home to ur nigga, make sure that head is perfected
Neva seekin' acceptance, reapin' my blessings
Fat mob figure, black Bob Dylan
If the pussy good it's hard to stay at odds with it
If she want it, u ain't got it, get on ur job nigga


Ur opinion, I don't care & my niggas we show up & it ain't fair
Killin' these niggas for real
Shades on but my vision's so clear
And I do this for my niggas that ain't here
Tell me 'bout I got two bad bitches to myself, oh
And I can't wait to get 'em home
She playin' games with u, probably cuz she with me nigga
It ain't 'bout the fame dog, it's about the figures niggas
Money, yeah, yeah, yeah


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