Rick Ross - One Of Us Lyrics

Ft. Nas

(Verse: Nas)
You could die young out here
Mess around and die before 21 out here
Mamas stressin', seen them ratchets in the dresser
She not askin' questions
She seen the vests and seen other kids in the casket restin'
Weed so loud they got surround sound
Smokin' good shit cause they tryna take me back to sum' hood shit
Any club, any fly fair
If they start shootin' all they remember is Nas was there
Sum' homies of yours banging affiliation on their personal time
Conflict wit business can hurt down the line
It’s sumethin' that ya ain’t have nothin' to do wit
Your main confrontation end up gettin' ya hit
Learn how to draw the line from when we hang wit the shootas
Strippers, dealers and killas, leaches and opportunists
Where I come from it’s ruthless, air ya out from the Ubers
Tutored by coke movers, put holes thru' yo ^&*(&%$
Ya wouldn’t get that from me though, you’d ovalook me
Lookin' like I just get to that money and stay in sum' pussy
Got a pretty real dope life
Fly nigga from the other side, hecklers, PKs, 9’s and .45’s
7.62’s, deer-huntin' rifle shells, life is hell
Pussy sweeter than wine tastin'
But we won’t self-indict ourselves
Be our own prosecutor, won’t twentyfive-to-life ourselves
We bout that moolah, rich shooters

Ya getting money, got a body then ya one of us
Ya getting money, got a body then ya one of us

(Verse 2: Rick Ross)
Calculatin', touchin' money, these niggas masturbatin'
Tailored clothes, fashion magazines, they fascinated
Double-M umbrella, the feds call it tax shelter
Hit a million, they conspire to send the rats at ya
Cha-cha-cha-cha, slide, catch me on that other side
Foreign cars, private jets, high rate of homicide
Marc Jacobs chocolate diamonds, they for my white bitch
Atheist, but her pussy could be so righteous
Follow the rules, neva let a man take yo jewels
And if he do, double back make sure he make the news
It ain’t arrest, they ain’t a pussy till' it’s time to bust
You getting money, got a body then ya one of us


(Verse 3: Rick Ross)
Dice game, head crackers, time to get it back
Only one in the studio that could get a pack
Raw deal, rob a nigga like it's on my appeal
Closest friends do us best, regardless how I feel
Went to the line and got ‘em bitches on the same day
Straight to the jeweler, and did the watches the same way
Young sav on face time, talkin' cake time
Next crib I build got it crossed state lines
Niggas hate how I wear my heart on my sleeve
And half the team, got the choppers wit the shoulder slings
It ain’t a rust, stay in the trap till' ya a hundred up
You getting money, got a body then ya one of us


Thanks to Dinho for correcting these lyrics

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