Frankie J - Rollercoaster Lyrics

I could be yours, you could be mine
I can do whatever, and it's that you like
We can take it slow, or we can take our time
We can do anything, anywhere
You don't need a ticket, don't need to get in line
Take my hand and we can grace the sky tonight
I'll give in the towers, we'll sleep it all behind
Not even the stars can match your shine

I'm coming closer
Just go ahead, enjoy this ride
I know we're gonna love tonight
When it's over
e gonna wanna stay again
And I'll promise that I'll never let it in

(Verse 2)
Been there for a second, leave it up to me
Waiting for this moment, up to set you free
Forget about your makeup, you're beautiful to me
Just we're goin' you ain't got to worry a thing
Feel that wind in your hair, trust me I will get you there
Just enjoy me, as I enjoy you


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