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DMX - Ain't Nowhere To Hide Lyrics

(Prod. By Dame Grease)

(Hook x20)
Ain't nowhere to hide, ain't nowhere to run

Shit I go through, show you what's really thug
Come thru' like YOOO, what's really hood!
Back and forth to jail, in and out on bail
Nigga like dark, keep a story to tell
From sundown to sunup, nigga like me run up
Put the gun up, now I'm like 'what up'
Cats don't want nothing but to be saved
I even had a family member come through saying, 'Earl, behave!'
I don't even fuck with my peoples like that
Less grandma come thru', but even then, I'll be right back
I'm a beast when it come to that dough
I rob half the niggas I know, and that's all after the show
I don't walk through the dark fo' nothin'

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