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Skepta - Jumpman (Remix) Lyrics

Ft. Drake and Future

(Verse: Skepta)
Yeah, rolled mine, rolled mine, rolled mine what these niggas smoking?
Tattoos on my skin means I ain't fucking joking
Dem' boys tweeting visions, dem' boys up to sumething
Smoking wit the Jumpman out in Paris, it was bait
Ya can't smoke wit me cause ya got sumethin' on yo face
I hit that Ginobili wit my right hand on my waist
Talking to a top boy, look a top boy in the face
Throw up, time to die, man I got paintings on my case
Roadman, roadman, roadman, I flew out the country
Where was ya when I was in the gully?
Oh now ya see the vision, now ya want some money?
Tryna send me e-mails, I just fool wit them to grace
Tracksuit Mafia, we get the star from outer space
Wasteman, wasteman, wasteman, ya copy and paste
Topboy, topboy, smoking jetpack in the eights
Charlie Sheen I'm winning, neva come in second place

(Verse 2: Future)
Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman
I just seen the jet take off, they up to sumethin'

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