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Rick Ross - 30 For 30 (Remix) Lyrics

Good news, they just let me out house arrest
So get the beat shouts ready, yeah!
Cuz this sum' special
Young Rozell... Young Rozell!

Write you niggas' rhymes, they should call me Ghostface
Barely take my time, I'm just tryna motivate
Moving up to co-sign for my first apartment
True enough, I fuck around, but I shoot regardless
Carter on the campus got me enrolling in college
Gold Rollie, pro lo'getter, wardrobe ova scholar
We used to smoke weed on the PS3
And now I pop perks with the codeine
See a thing, she a senior on the drill team
Graduated all honors, she the real thing
Told her I would cop her all designer gear
Straight to the mall when the wire clear
LA read'em but I still call 'em back to back
Twenty mill, new deal, and that's after tax
Can't rap with a nigga who ain't got a rap
It ain't trap music if you never had to trap
Don't ask 'bout it if you can't handle the facts
My whole rap style built for the counter-attacks
Late night walks on the beach, tho
Fuck her legs in the AM, lick her knees too
Red sneaks, you want the sushi with the misho
Less'a Belaire rose, I keep the weed rolled
Chauffeur's always toll and you the key code
Park Plaza condo look like a casino
She asked what I use for the sex drive
I'mma have her coming tools in the next time
Fuck 'er till her mouth dry, I need a rest break
You'll be right back on my dick by the next tape

Thanks to Mike Love for correcting these lyrics

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