Fetty Wap - In My Ways Lyrics

I use some stag in my ways babe
AinÂ’t givinÂ’ it up, gave this money, never give up on things babe
I came here to every ways
Maybe I pay back and I donÂ’t give a fuck
I use some stacks in my ways, money canÂ’t get up no thang
Baby get in my way, just stag up some things
I aintÂ’hearinÂ’ it out
Hage and get up the thangs baby
I came here for nuthin
I donÂ’t give a fuck, yeah
IÂ’ll get and stick in my ways and donÂ’t give a damn
FlippinÂ’ way, alwayse
Alwayse for a flick but never banz
All this money that w give you
Get in back times in my kitchen
I was bless with this chicken
If anybody got good vibes
I know IÂ’m hurtinÂ’ and satisfy it
So I call with this all
Call that nigga jealous
Told you now that this skinny
IÂ’ve been here in 2 minutes
Call it bendy and this trippinÂ’
I might have a new bitch
Kick around real with me
I made it and then go with me
So you stupid
Beg the Universe to sit, canÂ’t do it for the brick
Hunnit thousand, havenÂ’t see
Cuz the millions everywhere
HavinÂ’ money, canÂ’t you tell
Serge to you and havenÂ’t get spell
SpendinÂ’ now so many fails nigga
CheckinÂ’ nigga poppinÂ’ bails nigga
Track the nigga, do the trails babe
Pussy nigga always there nigga
Real nigga always tell baby
Just get now all the money, just nigga know that IÂ’m up
Sorry I donÂ’t give a fuck
Nigga just mention the more
You nigga I know you before
Some stack in my ways baby, ainÂ’t givinÂ’ it up
Just money I did I for thang baby
I came here enough
This niggas will make me pay nigga
I donÂ’t give a fuck
I just makinÂ’ my ways babe
AinÂ’t a damn babe
I will just stack in my ways babe
I ainÂ’t hit it up, ay
This money I get it for days, I canÂ’t get enough
Nigga will make it pay nigga
I donÂ’t give a fuck
I get some stuck in my ways and baby donÂ’t give a dam


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