K.A.A.N - Work Lyrics

(Prod. Cashflow)

Eh, Nawledge!
(Cashflow on the beat)
Goaaaa, aye (**sigh**)
Ah, eh

These niggas speak on their word
Me, I just speak on the time
Time and the effort that I have invested
Inside of myself, I am losing my mind
I want it all, I said I'm mentally tough
Oh, what you thought I would quit?
Even in days when I feel at my worst
I will get up my ass and then get back to work
Oh, Lawd

(Hook x3)
Ain't nobody gonna get it for you
Betta go ahead and get it by your muthafuckin' self
By yoself, nigga

Ain't no lame excuses, all of those are useless
I don't ever use it, don't ever confuse it
Lawd! What's the point of complainin', I said it
I'd never do it, I'm workin' in isolation, silently I've been approving
Moving like I'm really focused, fortified and then devoted
Sacrificing for a dream, I see myself inside a favored place
I can't escape, I'm panicking, I'm pissin' in a corner
Cop a coroner then come and get me, I'm missin' my sanity
I'm salivating over beats, I'm motivated by the pay
And now I spend the situation(?!), I wanted them to connect
I resurrect the second, descendant from any syllable
The sympathetic simile and apathetic energy
My appetite is actually enormous, I'm rhyming repetition
I practice, I promise that I'm so _______(?)
Passing, I promise you, an independent
I been using iRented to cause the picture
Personally I'mma (miss?!) that I made it to 24
As I forced the feeling to source
I'm definitely the voice for anyone that isn't all
I can't atone, I tried this scheme, but God escaped my heart
From my happiness, I want another pill, I said I'll force a better one
I started with loosing with another prescription
I'm like a different person, I know my mother disappointed
From decisions I'm makin', I probly should have stayed in college
She said I want to procrastinate, that was a couple years ago
So I was on a mission to make up for all the time
I neva let her down, I'm workin' to get it out, goddamn!


(Hook x3)

(First Sentence of the Verse)
Yaaah! Nawledge!
Nigga! 's higher than a muthafucka
Cuz niggas, niggas really work
Me n' my nigga Jason we bout' to
We bout to start a real muthafuckin' project
And this is gonna be dope as shit
I promise you that
But this here just sum' quick, mane
Just sum' real fuckin' quick
Shout out to Cliff fo' the beat
I appreciate it, bruh
Aye, man, this sum' quick
Niggas really workin'
Gotta get way betta, we gotta get way fuckin' betta
That what we are now, niggas
Niggas are not complacent, hungry than a muthafucka
You betta believe that shit
My dawg, Nawledge, nigga!

Thanks to Swiggs for correcting these lyrics

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