David Banner - Marry Me Lyrics

Feat. Rudy Currence

They say IÂ’m urban myth
They say black man donÂ’t exist
Prove em wrong, wonÂ’t you marry me?
Marry me
And they say nothinÂ’ but a stat on a sheet
But here I am on my bendinÂ’ knees
Prove em wrong, wonÂ’t you marry me?
Marry me x 2
So IÂ’m askinÂ’ every women and girl all oevr the girl
If you wanna get married
You can merry me
I know youÂ’ve heard
So let me be the one who put you first
If you wanna get married
You can marry me, marry me

I rap my soul around this ring girl
If I could, thatÂ’s what you mean to me
Give me young hand and your heart girl
I swear itÂ’s safe for eternal
Baby I can feel your pain
Let me blow away your pain
If youÂ’ll leave with me, youÂ’ll never feel the same
IÂ’ll steal the plane, fly over hills and plains
Reach in the clouds, even steal the rain
So a seed can grow, believe me nd know
IÂ’m a king, you a queen , IÂ’ll leave you now
You get your covered in that part
I know you see that pressure cominÂ’
Come carry less, get marry


Yeah, I know youÂ’ve been stressinÂ’
And ainÂ’t you been on your next man girl
You want a ring on your left handd
IÂ’m groomed to be the grown man and be the best man girl
Baby you can take my name and I cound take the place
I can lift the fail, I can kiss your face
We can jump the broom
Take a leap of faith
After the tie the knot
Cut the cake we can
Tell your pops that itÂ’s ok
To give me your hand and gonna give you away girl


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