Snoop Dogg - Sho You Right Lyrics

(Prod. By Dam-Funk)
Ft. Daz Dillinger & SHON'LA'WON

Sho me wrong, sho you right
You ain't sum' wrong, you be just the kind I like
Sho me wrong, sho you right
I wanna freak it with you till the morning light
Sho me wrong, sho you right
Up and down, round and round
Sho me wrong, sho you right
Baby, won't you come with me
And we gon' have a party tonight

(Verse: Snoop Dogg)
So dedicated, and elated, celebrated
Been through so much, so much
But yet we made it
You're so bad, you're so fly
And I don't know why
You broke my mind, you're one of a kind
You're more than a _____(?)
You're fine-e-ya-e-ine


(Verse 2: Daz Dillinger)
Sho me right the definition of a woman
I don't wanna stop, want it to keep on coming
Your elegance is stunning and marvelous
I luv the ya ain't so hard to get
Stuffin' from Gucci, now that you're moody
You ridin' the groove, you shakin' that booty
It's my duty to give it to ya with insight
Yeah, I might tonight, aight?



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