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Phora - The One For You Lyrics

(Prod. by Anthro)

I regret the things that I've done to u
But I just got too much pride to go run to u
I neva stopped feelin' the luv for u
I just stopped bein' the one for u

Yeah, the luv I have for u is irreplaceable, yeah
I know I made my share of mistakes with u
I know I broke ur heart
But I wish I could pick up every single piece and put 'em all back in place for u, but you see, the truth is
The both of us know, the pain is always there
But sometimes it don't really show
Sometimes we run from what we already know
But I gotta be honest right now, baby I don't wanna let go
See, I feel the distance, and every time we talk
I feel like somethin' is missin'
I thought u were the one, but it just feels so different
Even my heart tells me to leave
But I still don't listen cos' I don't want nobody else
If I had one wish, I just want u all to myself
But it's hard to give luv when it's luv that you've neva felt
See, I feel the pain deep in my blood
It's crazy how we luv people that hurt us and hurt people we luv


(Verse 2)
You tryin' to fight me and I'm tryin' to speak to u
This thing we call luv, what does it mean to u?
I pull out ur seat for u, I'm loyal and sweet to u
Tryin' to explain baby, this heart, u see it beats for u
But u take that for granted, the mo' I try, the less u hear
I just don't understand it
See, I would give you the world, the stars and all the planets
But every time we talk, u got ur guard up, so I'm askin'
'Should I even be mad at u?'
'Should I pack my shit up and leave, and neva come back for you?'
All I wanted was time, was that too much to ask from you?
I know I made mistakes, I'm the first to admit
But why every time that we fight, u were the first one to split
Plus ur friends, always up in ur ear, see
You might be with me physically, but yo, you're not really here
I can tell I'm not who u thinkin' of anymo'
I'll always luv u, I'm just not in luv anymo'


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