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Kirko Bangz - 30 For 30 (Freestyle) Lyrics

Monday night in Eugene, I'm with the whole team
Fantasizing bout running off with the whole game
I been too busy just to talk about niggas
You keepin' busy cuz you talk about niggas
I know the whole thang
I got goals, that's way harder than gold chains
I got soul, I wadn't brought up with no pain
I was a nigga that was neva s'possed to be nun'
So I turned into sum', niggas actin' like broke change
Them lonely nights wishin' that you made no change
You thinkin' bout every decision that you shoulda made
You got regrets like you used yo last chance
When you only 26 but you feelin' like an old man
It ain't yo fault cause you started early, but fuck 'em niggas
I just wish that you tell me only, go fuck 'em niggas
I just wish that you'd be all that you can be
Pull up to the all you can eat and treat yoself and be a selfish nigga
Nobody eva talks about the help-a-nigga
You eat yo dinner with the poor respect, you wealthy, nigga
The nigga you eat dinner with is too accessible
Even though he's successful, you still don't respect the otha nigga

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