Phora - Grateful Lyrics

ft. Cota

Yeah, yeah
ItÂ’s all my people, all my people
They never had much but always appreciate what they had
Sometimes we just wait too sure yeah
Sometimes feel lower that I has
But donÂ’t let that stop before aiminÂ’ for that
Yeah, yeah
I like the sound of
So why you do you wanna buzzin, your momÂ’s right
Wish you glad and alive now
But this not about what you got
ItÂ’s about what kind of person that shit is
You know you ainÂ’t
But simply canÂ’t let
Just be begginÂ’ for
For what you got
thou you may not have
come it all, just be thankfull for what you got
I might be so cool but my feelings are stuck inside
They never had harder to try
They got no brain staying my legs?
This niggasÂ’s shifing on me
I got to watch my back I got to fill it homie
Someone tryes to get me wack.
They talk behind my back
My girl is trippin on me
She ask me where I am at
But IÂ’m tring make this bread??

Never had enough to spoil it
Used to talk care and trip nytime she got to boil in it
Anytime I fee to text it back she just assumed IÂ’m avoidinÂ’ her
NowÂ…where do we go wrong?
LosinÂ’ my faith but I try to hold on
I try to keep the smile on my face and keep it greatfull
And I ainÂ’t be happy for so long
ItÂ’s kinda funny when I think back to the days I hd no money in the bank
So I took my moms wip without permission in the road
And I put my last twenty in a thang
Grind throw the city and my mom is wip
And in red light heard some body talk shit
But I just stop to myself
One day IÂ’ll have that banz out to my city
And go lost out on some ball shit
All my niggas like all shit
Pops on me, stay away from the block now
Cuz everybody wanna know what feels like when it shows
ItÂ’s not all glamourous
But shout to my homies and got to the hammer
Wish all my people hanging on my buss stop
Try to get ot work for their family, findinÂ’ the happiness
Real talk, donÂ’t be ashamed of it
He was probably pushinÂ’ the same buck it
Now way to see that breaks


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