Chrishan - Stop By Lyrics

What do you possibly thing you know about love?
I know I'm sick and tired of men usin love like it's some kind of disease you just catch
Love should have brought your ass home last night
What is it
Fuck could I?

She said soon day soon I hope you learn to keep it real
I could not tell you how in the fuck I'm supposed to feel
She said what am I after
I could not tell you (I could not tell you)
You're a disaster
But I got to be near you
(But I got to be near you)
An I don't know if I (if I)
Love you or just got love for you
Tell me if it's enough for you
You can pull up

Can you stop by
I know I say this every time
Can you stop by
You know I hate it when we fight
Can you stop by x 2

She don't want to go back home to Toronto
I told her you're extra concerned who I'm lovin' when you're gone
You're not down the strip, doesn't work for me at all
When it's gettin late you know who I need to call
And it's like that sometimes, baby
Said it's like that sometime baby


One last minute fight to face
Dreamin about that body naked
Two shots girl you'll fuckin' take it
Sin City wasn't made for angels
Wake up in the mornin, strangers
Straight up
Girl you would tell me and I'd hang up
You take everything serious
You tell me it wasn't me
If you can't get everything, you don't want anything

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