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The Game - Bitch You Ain't Shit Lyrics

I got these freak hoers clappin' their hands, stompin' their feet
Every now and then they put their mouth on me
But these days a G like me can't even call it
They ride dick untill you sleep and then go throw your wallet
Fake ass, bitch ass, thot ass, slut ass hoes
Workin' in secret Sunday, don't even wipe that pole
Dirty bitch, you done had a dick in every one of your holes
You a trick, you ain't shit and everybody knows
Bitch you don't even wash your rag
Let a nigga smash and you don't even wash your ass
Fuck you mean? You about to go home and take a shower
That mean that pussy about to be funky for a whole another hour
Every night you let a new nigga nut in your shit
How you suck a nigga's dick with that cut on your lip?
You freak bitch, your baby daddy in the county doin' burpies
And you gave that nigga herpies

Bitch you ain't shit, bitch you ain't shit x 2
Everybody knows
Bitch you ain't shit, bitch you ain't shit x 2
Everybody knows x 2
Bitch you ain't shit
Everybody knows x 2
Bitch you ain't shit

Bitches ain't shit but hoes and sluts
She asked to hold 500, I let her hold deez nuts
Bitch what? You fuckin' niggas when you got cramps
Talkin' bout eatin' groceries, bitch you on food stamps
You gotta watch these hoers, they get your ass splattered homie
Never trust a bitch if she got the hood tattered on her
Brother ,he a gunner, got an uncle from the hunters
Two baby daddies, one from the sixty’s and one from the Jumpers
Make it even worse, her whole family's full of killers
After the funeral she right back to the followers and filters
She got a Range and a Benz
Doin' credit card schemes with her ratchet ass friends
Bitch just stole a TV from Target
Yellin' at her kids while Joseline and Stevie be arguin'
She blocked from Drizzy's page now she all on my dick
I hit her with a hashtag like (Bitch you ain't shit)


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