The Game - Don't Trip Lyrics

(Intro: Dr. Dre)
Damn,, my nigga. It’s yo boy Dre
Yo, I don’t think people know that ya know how
To take it to the streets

(Verse: Game)
Check it out now, check it out now
Check it out, uhuh
It’s like that, yeah, it’s like that now
It’s like that, uhuh, it’s like that now
A black .45, I gotta put it on
That chrome Glock 9, I gotta put it on
That .38 special, I gotta put it on
Never leave the house without the teflon
Hop off the porch like, ('oh, oh, oh, oh')

(Hook: and Game)
Ooh, that new bounce
New bounce, new bo, don’t trip on me
Don’t trip on me, don’t trip on me
Don’t trip on me, don’t trip on me
Don’t trip on me

(Verse 2: Game)
Nigga, don’t trip, don’t trip, homie
Yeah, I’m the opposite of Crip, homie
Ya ain’t even gotta ask, niggas know me
I make it rain like Tony! Toni! Toné!
Aventador to the corner store, I whip this hard
Compton God, watch ¬Ďem jump ova cop cars
Yeah, I grew up to N.W.A., nigga
And my grannies whipping yay yay, nigga

(Verse 3: Ice Cube)
Come on, don’t trip, homie
Ice grew up around Crips, homie
Where ya motherfuckers find this phony?
Acting hard, he’s a tenderoni
The boulevard to the prison yard, I push this cart
Westside rollin’, wherever ya are
And I been coming up, and ain't none of ya'll niggas running up
Cos' I'm quickdraw when I'm gunning up
Boy ya know the sun ain't coming up
Layed his ass down, tryin' to milk this cash cow
Face down, look at ya now


(Verse 4: Dr. Dre)
Ya know the deal greet a nigga on yo knees bitch
Ya heard the talk around town I don't need shit, Compton
Deep water got 'em sea sick
Murder, murder shit and ain't nobody see shit
Bomb weed, palm tree, gold D shit
Who that nigga that said I wasn't gon' be shit
Cocktail thru' the window with the indo
(It's what this is) We gon' stress them innuendos
(We) Do what we wanna when we want to
(And we) Never hesitated to confront ya
(And we) Same shit as kids
It was normal to us, I might take ya
But it might fuck around and haunt ya
Shoulda come and see this shit
Give a fuck about no tours, nigga
I want ya to come and be this shit
Ren, Cube, Yella, Dre and Eazy-E this shit
See how long it take yo punk ass to leave this bitch


(Verse 5: The Game)
Don't trip blood, I make it rain in Compton like it's a strip club
I grew up on Santana block, that's where the Crips was
My momma house was in the middle of the street
How was a nigga supposed to get to school
I hopped every backyard on my block
Til' I got to M Street, took the rag out my sock
And I could have been a Crip but I ain't like blue that much
All Crip school, I ain't really go to school that much
I was sellin' crack on [?], baggin' up sacks on [?]
With the ratchet in my [?] givin' ya the facts on [?]
We was fightin' ova territory with the [?] on [?]
I had to scrap on [?], that's how I got my stripes
Air Max 95s not a scratch on my Nikes
2016 motherfucker don't ya pull it
Cos' I made it out of Compton with a stab wound and five bullets


(Verse 6: The Game)
Cos' I'm bool like that, I'm bool like that
I'm bool like that, yeah I'm bool like that
They say, 'Game, why ya always act a fool like that?'
Cos' I went to Compton High Crip School like that
I was Blood and I ain't really like blue like that
They was Crippin they ain't give a fuck who like that
Them niggas jumped me why they have to do a 'ru like that
Nigga went and got the homies and we flew right back
They see like that, we be like that
We trip like that cos' LA sick like that
We Blood like that, we Crip like that
The blunt lit like that, we out

(Outro: The Game)
When ya ready, let me know
When ya want it, let me know
I got it, when ya see me
Congratulate a nigga don't hate
Niggas will always be niggas (yep, true)
That's why I don't trip on these niggas
Would ya? Nigga is wild like gorillas that's stuck in that zoo (yep)
What happens when niggas unite and start makin' the moves
Don't trip

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