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Rick Ross - Buried In The Streets Lyrics

Can you smoke?
Never swim against the current
And they say the tide is rising
Uh, these niggas drownin' to death
Where the lifeguards? We on the boat
Let these pussies know they got a rope
Or they want yo boy, they threw a rope

Successful nigga, pants hangin' off my ass
King of diamonds, boy you betta go and pay yo taxes
Strong arm, robberies, but neva take advice
Not the type of brother that'll read a book at night
He a fool, ain't it holly where the tool at?
He a-move that, pocket full of food stamps
Niggas wait and see they' seeds in the Ivy Leagues
But all I see is N-teens on the raggedeen
Niggas throw a molly tryna get the lottery
I know she fuckin' homie, shawty, does you ride at me?
You gon' fall in and outta luv 100 times
Look at me, get yo money like I get mine
Half these niggas yellin', say that spat you in
Exorcise the same voice that you know got you in
Huntin' fo' the block, my nigga had to plead a ten
Stayin' live through my rhymes until we meet again

(Verse 2)
Reminiscin' on rainies with my ole' skill Jadie
Rest in peace a real nigga, you all real lady
It done been a couple years and it's still raining
Everyday the sun shine, I know you still rainin'
Shood got a Bonnie, shackles and that nigga fading
2Pac trigger, man, somewhere on his knees praying
Now it's time fo' certain things to come to life
David Kenneth testifies against Mr. Knight
House call 6, neva too depainted
Pray one day, all my haters maybe get acquainted
No longer in the beef, now I want a bisic
Even the holy feel swell, I really want a writer
The ask 'em how he feels may be vice-versa
They know a nigga, get his crib, get a nice verse
100 rooms all alone, still blowin' dro
Blood bottle with my rogue, do this for my rogues

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