Sage The Gemini - Stick Up Lyrics

ft Lucky Daye

Hands up in the air boy freeze
Everyone drop to your knees
Listen up very closely
Please don’t fall now cuz I promise I squeez
This is not property, not proper G
Tell me who on ride behave on me
Cuz boy I am sick to all the doin’, since they came with the fluent
I thought she knew who the fuck isyou foolin’
July, I’m gettin’ money like I’m judish
This boy pussy got this acident inflouence
Any problem will rise like any bitch I’m callin’
The game change, the brain are insane
Legs in my game, can’t hng where I gang
And you know that I’m with it
Yeah you know that I’ma feel this
On the stove and I’m wip it, cook it but I flip it

(Hool x 2)
Who the fuck sayin’ I ain’t gonna pull up?
Who the fuck sayin’ this ain’t no sticker?
Had up, man down, ain’t playin’ round you x 2

I pull up and let go like im in the sciences
All black, black man and they ride in with nigga psihic
You’re not who you are you
You don’t know who you playin with
The type of nigga skin on the elevator
Top floor, hey, I’’m givinin’ ice slicest
No man, no man, split a man down the middle
Nigags think im jckin’ thi I get that ass a riter
Show up on your tv
Igf you don’t gt it in time, I’mma utherfuker kill em
Start rosin’ niggas, five runnin’ with big showty to your feelin’ rollin’ like yeah look what I did
right with myself, don’t fuck with the right man

(Hook x 2)


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