Trouble - Wet Lyrics

Pussy wet, pants wet
I fall sit, canÂ’t do this wet
Where did I tell you?
Wet –wet-wet-wet-wet x 3

You the biggest hill like a mutherfucker fention
So wet like a nigga spread water on
I get the shit and get like that
Where did the shit even come from
IÂ’ve been back here, in front and back
So in time feel like no one
When we hit the back with the shoes on
When one of your favorite will show on
I put your favorite with your shoes on
Told her to put the clothes on
IÂ’m good on that pussy, you so wrong
I let that goinÂ’ throw both on
Crazy but she got that wheal well
I play the game like a real hit
I play the game like a real neck
I stay my paper like did it long
Gotta get in the business when I am on business
They missinÂ’ you on, they misssinÂ’ you now
You say I try to be hero
That donÂ’t mean I ainÂ’t got effort


Wet, fuck the police, runinÂ’ now
Tellin’ that bitch that I am inside but you can’t even tell ‘em
Your bitch on that bae but until you not sallinÂ’
You canÂ’t even tell it
She was suckinÂ’ me up on a while
I will hallucinate a bit
Made it all one and a play
Made it four on just one day
Erybody gettinÂ’ nowhere
AinÂ’t no body who fuck with
Hit the block nigga, wet, wet
Wet to me girl
Been crazy lil mama



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