Young Cypher - Winning Team Lyrics

Feat. F
[Fuck the hater, my team still winninÂ’ x 3
Watch me and my nigga make and killin] x 2

20 blocks IÂ’ve been runninÂ’
Pocket full of hunnits
Team full of shooter, they all keep it a hunnit
I donÂ’t give a fuck, nigga sail back on Hollywood
But I do it like a nigga, thatÂ’s the Hollywood
Been a pusher, never have mal as dope
Got the hottest chick, numbers on dally dog
Speed game at the models to the blew truth
And I push it like screw you
Now she a good girl but she bad bitch
She got her tidies good, she got her ass big
She deep it all alone, that girl talented
She bust it open, I thought her money callinÂ’ it
Ah, niggas in the hood snitchinÂ’
ItÂ’ashama man, its in the car kissinÂ’
While I got this roabber band, round the cash


I say, fuck the hater, I see em, fuck em later
And do all the fuckinÂ’ flavor
They ainÂ’t killinÂ’ nuthin, they ainÂ’t touchinÂ’ paper
You only a suckinÂ’ nigga, look
Look , lain nigga killinÂ’, real nigga rappinÂ’
I donÂ’t know what youÂ’ll do if I do the ____(?)
Black and white diamonds, and I get sold all
And yeah I get in stage but the nigga got it suck p
Ten years in, thatÂ’s what I call in the streets
Money talk so I make it count when I speak
I told MTV not in the street
But when I was 17, I was in the streets
Yeah, gttinÂ’ to it, bangers banginÂ’ to it
Tell those now that one time will bang on
Big time, rob some banz with free cash
Got the 6 flags, got it in new times


Me and dmy team winninÂ’ in ll times
Hold it by gettinÂ’ money so we are grind
The paper is cuttinÂ’ in line
IÂ’m like the bad bitchs go wild
Make the bad bitches go wild, no shine
Tehe thing about my team is we movinÂ’ like the hit
Run upon wih the bitches, this just how we live
BrackinÂ’ down the relo, we use thiis _________(?
Better then the mutherfuckinÂ’ music session
DonÂ’Â’t fuck with my nigga cuz my nigga are bad
Alow til we out
I got it better then they clow


abolous & Red Cafe

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