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Rick Ross - Money And Powder Lyrics

(Intro x 2)
I bought a mansion in the Bahamas with the all red walls
Snatchin lobster out the water, every butter for my dogs
All my bitches got ass if they don't we go and get it
6 wheel G wagon, let 'em wrap it with the ribbon

She can take a selfie in it for that head, the bird give it
Took me down for questionin' ain't said a word in it
First forty eight I coulda had a role in it
Chopper make 'em say uhh, pussy boy no limit
I can make a bitch a star hashtag me a ex
If a pussy be the best, we let 'em know that's via text
Set tools on my body from head down to my legs
Cash rules everybody 'til they make it to the fed's

[Hunnid keys of powder, hunnid keys of powder
All my niggas pray for is a hunnid keys of powder] x 2

Dade County where we still get pussy niggas segregated
Ain't no need for pickin sides cuz ain't no peaceful demonstrations
It get's deeper by the dollar
I'm that dope boy, Harry Potter
Whippin' cain let me drive it cross the street for Cindy Crawford
Out in Deli I be boomin, Robert Downey Jr
All these other niggas broke and trust is more than just a rumor
Brand new red Ferrari , Polo my new hobby
Still take a picture with you broke niggas in the lobby
Bakin soda did the job
Welcome to the mob
Run up on your bus and get these pussy niggas robbed
My niggas call me slob
You can call me slime
And you better call me rich, look how I got the whips in line

(Hook x 2)

Money and the power, money and the power
All my niggas hustle is for the money and the power


(Outro x 2)
Money and the power, money and the power
All my niggas trappin go for is the money and the power

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