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Miley Cyrus - Evil is but a Shadow Lyrics

Evil is but a shadow
That always accompanies the good
You can try to have a world
A world without the shadow
But it will be a dark, dark and cold place world
Cuz it would be a world, a world without lights too
Oh x 3

The lights of nature
The light of the true
The light of silence
The light of all I do
The brigter it shines from the mountain
The more evil hides in its hole
Enjoy soo hard to defeat us
A world startin to lose your control
Oh x 3
(Trol, lose your control x 4)

We won't stop
We'll let it go, it drop
How it get to be so obvious?
I'll have fun
We won't stop
We'll let it fuckin drop
We won't stop, ooh
I'll have fun

[Evil is but a shadow
A shadow in this world] x 4

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