Miley Cyrus - 1 Sun Lyrics

We all walk around
And waste life
It's just gonna go on forever
Like there's some eternal endless supply
Of what it takes to keep us alive
There might be a day
When everythin goes away
To remind us how ungrateful our culture is
We need to take time
To replace what's stolen from mother nature

We only had
1 sun, 1 moon, 1 me, 1 you
And we only have a little time to show how much we love
The sun (the sun), the moon (the moon)
How much I really love you
We only have a little bit of time (time x 3)

I once heard
Grace Jones say
I have my own concept of time
I always think bout' that cu I've always felt like
I was runnin a little behind
But what's in front of me
I don't know
Cuz I can't see what hasn't started to grow


Wake up, world
Can't you see the Earth is cryin
Wake up, world
(Can't you see all the clouds are dyin)
And maybe one day there won't be rainbows
Grass won't be green and the sky won't be blue
I don't wanna see a cyclone
There's no sun, no moon, no me, no you


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