TYGA - Rap $tar Lyrics

Rap star, need fast cars, cash in large amounts
I need a bitch wid an ass that bounce
A fat ass and titties that bounce
Ya know I'm in the street when the city come out
When the city dumb out
When ya envision me
(Can ya tell me) am I getting it tho'?

I'm a rap star, call the task force
I make yo club collapse
After I leave wid the bad ones
Presidential suite wid the bad ones
Told my niggas y'all can have them
Cuz I have one, I'm on Face Time wid 'er
When she blowing ya kisses, saying she miss you
Could have anyone she want, she just wanna be wid you
I'm a rap star, I just wanna get richer
Ya might slip when I talk, you know I'm slick when I talk
Rap star, got plaques on my wall
That's art and facts on my wall
Crib I bought got two gates for security guards, it's a palace dog!
I remember when I have it dog
And back then I was still saying I'mma have it dog!


(Verse 2)
I'm a rap star, can ya imagine?
Putting chains on ya man's neck, cuz the muscle stronger the fan flexin'
Dealing wid gossip, hate and threats
When they bettin' against ya and ya raise the bet
Yeah, ya got 'em there nigga, ya got 'em scared
They not prepared, ya got 'em right where ya want 'em, right there
I'm a rap star and yo nightmare
Used to slapbox, now we don't fight fair
Life ain't, so I ain't
This about my team, cuz they ate when I ate
Yeah they steak like my steak
Handle they beef like it's on my plate
I'm a rap star that graaa, graaa, graaa
That 'move, let 'em thru', get back'
(Could ya imagine?)


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