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Brothers Osborne - Stay A Little Longer Lyrics

Somethin' like a strong wind is comin' ova
Has got a hold of me, yeah
Thinkin' and doin' things I shouldn't be
Really I shouldn't be

1 more call
It’s 1 more 'What are ya doing right now?'
It’s 1 more trip to my side of town and u walk right in
One more here we go again

One more drink leads to anotha
You slide up close to me
Tear our t-shirts off each otha
Your hands all over me
I tell myself I’m not in luv
But 1 more time is not enough
One last kiss and then you’re a goner
And I’m here wishin' u could stay a lil longer

(Verse 2)
So calm and so cool, yeah I try to be
Like it don’t bother me
The last time was the last time
Until I’m all alone and pickin' up the phone


(Chorus x2)

Stay a lil longer
Wishin' u could stay a lil longer

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